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Introduction to Graphic Design B

School Year: 2022-2023
Subject: Fine and Performing Arts
Course ID: FA116477
College Concurrent: No
School District: Big Horn County School District #1
Credit Recovery: No
Program Name: Wyoming Connections Academy
Course Capacity:
Grade Level(s): 9-12
LMS Platform: LMS means the course learning management system Connexus
Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous
Curriculum Type: Connections Academy
Credits: 0.50
Standards: Wyoming standards alignment available from the district upon request
Hathaway Success Course: Yes
Days: See Course Participation below
Advanced Placement: No
Times: See Course Participation below
Start - End Dates: Aug 29, 2022 - May 26, 2023
Available for Purchase: District Only

Course Description:
Understanding the history of any area of study is important to learning about and appreciating society today. In Introduction to Graphic Design B, the second course in a two-semester series, the student will be introduced to the history of design and how various design movements have contributed to the field of design. The student will get answers to questions such as “What role does design play in society?” and “How does the field of design relate to other facets of society?” Understanding where the field of design comes from will help the student to appreciate the aesthetics and purposes for design today. In addition, this course expands on foundational knowledge in the basic principles of graphic design. The student will learn to communicate visually through effective layout and interface design. The student will also be introduced to appropriate techniques for the evaluation of art and design. Though the course is structured around computer-assisted graphic design, the student will examine other types of design as well. The student will learn to use Inkscape, an image-editing program that is provided for him or her, and will create several design compositions using this program.
Course Prerequisites:
Required Materials: None
Course Accessibility:
Connections Education LLC dba Pearson Virtual Schools USA, its schools and affiliates use information technology as a means of providing equality of opportunity to the greatest number of people, including people with disabilities. Connections aims to create a culture of accessibility through education. Connections is committed to working with the schools it supports in developing accessible websites and other electronic information to the Technical Standards and principles set forth in Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Federal law requires all public schools to provide students, regardless of disability, with an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the school’s education program. Students have 24-hour assistance in LMS and technical support.
Course Participation:
Student participation in this course is documented by the following:
  • Coursework submissions recorded by the learning management system.
  • Participation verified by the virtual education teacher for time spent working offline.
  • Academic-based communication between the student and virtual education teacher or learning coach and virtual education teacher.
  • Synchronous time with the class, a group or the virtual education teacher recorded by the learning management system or teacher.
  • The virtual education teacher verifies participation in the course 1-3 times a week.
  • Virtual education teacher verifies participation 1 to 3 times weekly