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Art American B

School Year: 2019-2020
Subject: Fine and Performing Arts
Course ID: AR6BV
College Concurrent: No
School District: Campbell County School District #1
Credit Recovery: No
Program Name: Campbell County Virtual School
Course Capacity: 50
Grade Level(s): 6
LMS Platform: LMS means the course learning management system Blackboard
Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous
Curriculum Type: K12 Inc.
Credits: 0.5
Hathaway Success Course: No
Days: See Course Participation below
Advanced Placement: No
Times: See Course Participation below
Start - End Dates: Aug 19, 2019 - May 22, 2020
Available for Purchase: District Only

Course Description:
Intermediate Art: World B is designed to complement the World History: Our Modern World, 1400 to 1917 course. Following the timeline of the K12 History program, lessons introduce students to the artists, cultures, and great works of world art and architecture from Renaissance through modern times.Study and create various works of art from the Renaissance and beyond. Discover great works of art and see how they influenced later artists. Compare and contrast works from many civilizations, from paintings to sculpture, architecture, book covers, prints, and more. Analyze how artists use elements like color and shape, and principles like balance and pattern, to create pleasing designs and compositions. Study the various techniques and processes to produce different effects in drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures. Learn how artists decorate objects like book covers, wallpaper, and fabrics.Create artworks inspired by works they learn about, using many materials and techniques; for example, after studying the Tempietto by Bramante and Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright, students design their own model of a building. And after studying expressive portrait paintings by Rembrandt, Judith Leyster, and Pablo Picasso, they make expressive self-portraits.
Course Prerequisites:
Required Materials:
Art American B
Course Accessibility:
Families begin the school year with a Welcome to Online Learning course. The course provides an overview of each curriculum area so students and Learning Coaches can familiarize themselves with the philosophy behind the curriculum methodology and overall course organization. The lessons are interactive and include actual animations or graphics that are used in the courses themselves. By the end of the course, students will be fully prepared to begin their K12 lessons in the online school. Special Programs within the district serve children of various abilities and needs. Programs are provided to serve children who qualify through the Individual with Disabilities Education Act.
Course Participation:
Student participation in this course is documented by the following:
  • Student active time in course logged by the learning management system.
  • Coursework submissions recorded by the learning management system.
  • Teacher will monitor login
  • Participation verified by the virtual education teacher for time spent working offline.
  • Academic-based communication between the student and virtual education teacher or learning coach and virtual education teacher.
  • Teacher will monitor login
  • The virtual education teacher verifies participation in the course 1-3 times a week.
  • Students and learning coaches are expected to login in weekly. Teacher monitors the number of lessons completed weekly.