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Science (grade 7), S1

School Year: 2022-2023
Subject: Science
Course ID: VSC07_A
College Concurrent: No
School District: Goshen County School District #1
Credit Recovery: No
Program Name: Goshen 1 Virtual Education Program
Course Capacity:
Grade Level(s): 7
LMS Platform: LMS means the course learning management system Edmentum
Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous
Curriculum Type: Edmentum
Credits: 0.00
Standards: Wyoming standards alignment available from the district upon request
Hathaway Success Course: No
Days: See Course Participation below
Advanced Placement: No
Times: See Course Participation below
Start - End Dates: Aug 23, 2022 - May 26, 2023
Available for Purchase: District Only

Course Description:
Science 7 with Virtual Labs is an integrated science course based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The content covers all three dimensions incorporated by NGSS: disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. The course robustly meets NGSS learning standards associated with seventh-grade integrated science (NGSS Appendix K: Revised Conceptual Progressions Model, p. 19). Semester A focuses on cells, the life cycle, and nutrition. Semester B focuses on chemical reactions, force fields, and energy.In this course, students complete teacher-graded labs in the Course Activities and Unit Activities. This version of Science 7 has been designed so that all labs are virtual. Students will still be able to plan and execute investigations through carefully designed simulations and videos. They will also be able to design experimental setups and analyze data and visuals derived from real-world experiments.
Course Prerequisites:
science - 6th grade
Required Materials: None
Course Accessibility:
Course Participation:
Student participation in this course is documented by the following:
  • Student active time in course logged by the learning management system.
  • Course Progress monitored using Course Progress Report. If student is Off Pace, logged time is examined using Learner Daily Usage Report.
  • No
  • If a student has not met participation thresholds for being considered present as tracked in LMS for the week, but virtual education teacher can confirm that the student has an IEP, and the student has satisfied what was required according to the IEP, the student will be counted present.
  • The virtual education teacher verifies participation in the course 1-3 times a week.
  • Once a week, Course Progress checked. If student is Off Pace, logged time is checked. If less than 150 minutes (for a typical 5 in-session days week), for a single course enrollment, logged time on all virtual courses is considered. If student combined logged time for all virtual courses is less than number of virtual courses enrolled in for the week multiplied by 150 (for example, for a student enrolled in 4 virtual courses, the threshold would be 4x150=600 minutes), student is considered absent for the week for the course. Consideration of total time logged for all virtual courses is to allow for students to concentrate on a subset of virtual courses.